On the boat from Darwin to Indonesia islands
Feeding the monkeys
We made friends
By the Norwegian sailor church in Singapore
Komodore-varans in Singapore Zoo
Feeding the King Cobra in Singapore Zoo
With three spare tires through Asia
Safe Parking
48 Horse-Power against 1 Elephant-Power
On the way to Bankok
Serious munk
but not always
Bankok by night
Nice temples
...with nice details
River taxi in Bankok
Lightening in Bankok
The floating market in Bankok
The floating market
Snake hunting in Thailand
A snake on the way to Ko Phuket
Ko Phuket
Ko Phuket with nice beaches
...very nice beaches
Shipping my bike from Singapore to Madras in India
Two Austalians I met in Madras
with a video camera on the helmet
Streetlife in Madras
One of many flat tires
Barber in Calcutta
Revulcanized tires in India
No rush in moving damaged vehicles away from the road
Please use the horn
He did not use the horn
Ganges by Varanassi
Spiritual person in Varanassi
Taj Mahal
...with beautyful details
A snake man in New Dehli
It is ice on the road in the Nepal mountains early in the morning
He could not make the curve in Nepal
Very young road worker in Nepal
Very young road workers
Unfortunately even younger road workers
When do they go to school, or do they at all
Sunrise in Himalaya
Mount Everest way in the distance
Nepal sun rise
Christmas Eve in Kathmandu
Sibirian Tigers in Kathmadu Zoo
Crashed with drunken bicycle rider in Nepal
My guide in the National Park in Nepal
It is attacking
Run to the tree
Rhino chased us up in a tree, and I with a broken rib. It was a close call, very close
We shall not fall down from the tree
We saved ourselves up in a tree, I with a broken rib
We are safe up in the tree
He is giving up
We survived, waiting for the boat back to security
A Swiss biker I met in Nepal
Dutch couple with interesting equipt bike
With bicycles in New Dehli
The pharmacist - to the left - gave me room for the two weeks I was in Lahore
This kind of important Carnet I did not have
It was important to cross borders in most underdeveloped countries
Common life in Lahore
Truckers in Pakistan
He really uses this truck for work
He is very proud of his truck
On the way to the Iran border, close to Quetta
Would he notice my falsified documents
Tempel south of Teheran
One of several check points in Iran at gunpoint
Water pipes in Iran
Minus 25 degrees Celcius was the warmest during the day