Explaining the sail-setting in Italy.
On the way around Mallorca.
Skippertraining in Croatia
Football (Soccer) has always been one of my main interests, and I play weekly with
my friends in Brehmkicker football club. To stay in shape, I do fitness, jogging, hit
some golf balls and I do some roller-blades and bicycling now and then.

I have played and coached volley-ball for many years. Sometimes I am playing basked-
ball, tennis and badminton as well, although it has been less of these sports lately.

If you want to see more from my sporty activities, click on ”Sport”.
At 16 years old I took my Boat drivers license in Norway. In 1990 I took my PADI
"Open See Diving-license" in Cairns, Australia at The Great Barrier Reef.
In 2002 I took all the needed courses and training to acquire the German
Coast Sports Boat Skipper license (SKS) for motor- and sailing yachts, and the
International VHF-radio-license.
Training on Nurnburgring
Crusing on the Autobahn
My training group on Nürnburgring
Edvin and I around Oslo.
I have much interest in motorcycles and enjoy driving motorcycles, also fast ones.
To stay fit driving motorcycles, I now and then take some motorcycle training.

On vacation with the Manta.

My second exitement, I mean the car.

Well prepared for vacation
Autos are of even higher interest to me, and I enjoy driving nice and fast cars.
Already at the age of 6, I had the neighbouring kids to push my father’s old car
backwards up the entrance road to our house, loading everybody inside, and steered
the car back to its parking position. Here you see some of the cars I have had great
pleasure of driving in Norway. The ladies were the cream on the cake.
In winter time I like skiing, mainly downhill.
I am also interested in photography, science, nature, animals, politics, travelling and
good wine, also in romantic occasions.
I have travelled extensively in my life, something you can see from my
3-year Mc-World Tour in 1989-1992, my 3-months USA-Tour in 1984 and numerous
vacations to different destinations around the world.

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