Fitness and health is very important to me, and therefore I am very active
with sports in my recreation time. To stay fit is most important,
and can only be obtained through physical training.
Sport helps to disconnect from my job
and give me the physical and mental
strength todeal with all my work and

Football (soccer) was always my
favourite passion. I play every Sunday
with my Bremkickers on the Breminsel
in Essen-Werden.

Three times a week I go to the
fitness studio (if time permit), I do
jogging twice a week (in wintertime
on treadmill and in the summer in
the park), and now and then I do
some rollerblades and bicycling.

As I lived in the USA I started to
play golf and I like to play. However,
due to time I play too seldom.

Diving, sailing and alpine skiing are all
fascinating challenges that I did more often in
the past, and that I find little time for

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