My name is Bjørn Kofoed, and
I am born and grown up in Tromsø
not long time ago.
My sister, her daugther and her
family and my brother still live in
there, but my mother lives in
southern Norway.
My father passed away in 2005.
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After I had finished high school in
Tromsø, I completed my military
duty in the military police and as a
truck driver. On the side I did
courses in car electronics and auto
constructions, and I won the
Norwegian Military Championship in
precision driving. Thereafter, I left
for Oslo, where I finished my
Business Administration education
as Siviløkonom (a degree between
a Bachelor and Master Business degree).
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On the side of the studies I had
5 different jobs, one as a bus driver
in the weekends. I found it as an
exiting challenge to manoeuvre the
bus in the busy and narrow streets in
the city centre on Saturdays.
Other jobs were to repairing and
adjusting auto electronics to the
cars of the students, training jobs,
door bouncer and night watchman at
the student home.

After finished studies, I worked at
the headquarters to Norsk Hydro for
two years, in the accounting
department for Oil and Gas.
Photos 3
Photos 3

My bus-
driver cap

At work
With a scholarship from Norsk Hydro,
I went to USA where I took my MBA
(Master of Business Administration)
degree at University of Wisconsin,
Thereafter, I returned to Norsk Hydro
and continued to work there for
another two years.

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A picture
of me as
in the

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